About me

My name is Ramseit Cairos, I am Venezuelan and a Chemical Engineer. I am currently traveling through Chile as a digital nomad through the exchange of photography services and bilingual web design (Eng/Spa) with lodgings and other tourism companies.

Through my photographs, YouTube videos and travel blog, I want people to feel that they are traveling with me and see the touristic destinations from a different and more attractive perspective that awakens the desire to know and go to the places I visit.

I have participated in several courses, such as: a summer course in Fashion Photography at the Parson Institute in Paris in France and my work has been featured in various photography exhibitions, magazines and print media. I have also made some short TV appearances.

I have been in: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Panama, Curaçao, Venezuela and Chile.

To find out more, follow my travel adventures and my photography work in my Instagram: @ramseit and @ramseitphotography