Salto de Apoquindo - Santiago de Chile

Salto de Apoquindo – Natural Park Aguas de Ramón

The Salto de Apoquindo is ideal for those who want to visit a high waterfall of around 30 meters high for the day and which is located a few km from Santiago, in the Comuna of la Reina.

This waterfall is part of the Estero of Ramón which, as its name expresses it, is born in the Sierra of Ramón. If you want to know how to get to the Salto de Apoquindo, keep reading.

In the past, these waters were considered medicinal and supplied drinking water to the city of Santiago. Currently, they are used for irrigation and recreational purposes. And, for the curious, it is no longer possible to bathe in them, since it is prohibited for safety reasons.

This waterfall is the nearest of its height if you are in Santiago de Chile, since the other ones of similar heights within the Metropolitan Region are located in the Cajón del Maipo.

If you will visit the Apoquindo Falls, you should only take into account that you will walk for 17 km (round trip) and that you must arrive as early as possible to the park, as there are time restrictions for access and permanency in the waterfall sector.

About the Route

You must pay 3,000 chilean pesos (pesos chilenos) per adult at the entrance (value to the date of the post). It is recommended to arrive to the park at the opening time (8 a.m.), since the peak time to cross the river is at 11 in the morning and after 1 p.m. you cannot stay in the Apoquindo Falls. So, if you arrive late, you will not be able to enjoy the journey and have enough time to take photos.

The route is of low technical difficulty, with ascents, descents and straights. But it should be considered that it is a long route, about 17 km in total. It is the longest section of the routes of the Aguas de Ramón Natural Park.

The fall can be accessed from various paths where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Santiago, various species of plants in the area, a pair of wooden bridges and a suspension bridge. The route becomes greener in certain sections, with beautiful trees to observe and that lend us their shade.


It has several viewpoints and you must cross the estuary twice, before you can get there. This beautiful fall is visible from the road, just before you can reach it.

The trekking is about 7 hours in total, at a slow pace, along a well-marked trail with milestones placed every few meters, indicating how many kilometers have been advanced and how many are left. There are also informative signs with place names, maps, and native species in the area.

I remember sitting frustrated on one of those signs when it was barely 600 meters left, it was my first long trek and I was not accompanied, but when I got to the finish line, I felt relieved and all the fatigue had gone away.

There is drinking water at various points and it has three dry toilets in the way. Bathing or entry with pets or drones is not allowed.

The park closes at 6 p.m. Upon arrival, they will give you the emergency phone number and the necessary instructions. Both, entry and exit, must be registered as part of the security protocol. If you want a map of the route, you can find one in the links of interest.

They recommend going in the seasons when the landscape is less dry and the climate cooler. Try to go, it is worth it if you like nature and great waterfalls.

Definitely one of the places to visit in Santiago de Chile.

How to go to Apoquindo Waterfall

Google Maps: Álvaro Casanova 2583.

Reference: Comuna La Reina.

Author’s Additional Comments

This trekking was the first one I did in Chile. It was a personal challenge in which I went from not doing any type of exercise to doing this 17km route alone. I was afraid to go alone and I went to face this feeling and overcome it. This can be a good exercise for your mind.

But we are never alone, even more on known routes. You can meet people on the road and, if you went on foot and they have a car, they could approach you to a bus stop or close to home, if you try. It doesn’t hurt to ask. That’s how I got home that day.

On Chile’s trekking routes, people tend to be more generous and friendly, greeting the travelers they find in their path and, sometimes, lending their help if necessary.

From this day on, I didn’t stop doing trekk. The next one I did was to the Quebrada of Macul to go to the San Juan Waterfall, alone as well, although I met people on the way who knew another route to reach a second Waterfall and I followed them. But that, my friends, is another story that you can read here.

For updated information on values, schedules, a map of the routes and other available activities, visit the park page here

General Data
Maximum height:
1646 m
Cumulative elevation gain:
1344 m
Total distance:
17 km (both ways)
Route in Suda:
Salto de Apoquindo (ida y vuelta)
Water falls, wooden bridge, hanging bridge, viewpoints and small forests.
Drinking water, bathrooms, camping area and parking.
Time to remain in the waterfall area and park. It is not allowed: smoking, making fires, alcohol consumption, bathing, access of pets (only guide dogs) and access with drones. You can camp only in the company of a monitor, with prior authorization.
Visiting Hours
Monday to Sunday: 8:00 a.m. a 19:00 p.m. (summer) and 8:00 a.m. a 18:00 p.m. (winter)
Entrance Fee
3,000 CLP general public
2,000 CLP children and the elderly
Link of interest
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